Monday, June 29, 2009

Trying to catch up

I have been neglect in my duties to post, sorry. I have hosted a baby shower (lots of new things to post from that), made new bookmarks out of "trash," and just bought a new purse (finally). I had promised myself a new purse back around May of last year if I passed my comprehensive exam without any revisions, and I did pass without revisions. However, I was very conflicted about what bag to purchase. Long story short, being conflicted, feeling bad about spending the money, then not having a job, and now as of last week needing a new sewing machine (story later), I decided that the money would go to the sewing machine. However, I was in the store the other day to buy my first pair of Spanx, and as I was walking out I saw the bag I loved. It was new, they had just gotten it in, and it was love at first sight. So, priorities, here is the bag. By the way, I still get the new sewing machine later because I had also promised myself a new bag if I passed my second set of comprehsive exams without any revisions (yes!). Besides, this bag will last a lot longer than those Manolo Blahniks I saw for $695 that were just beautiful.