Friday, March 27, 2009

Scarves, scarves, and more scarves

I went on a scarf making frenzy in the winter and ended up with a bunch of scarves, even started making mens scarves. Some scarves are made from scrap kimono pieces and others with scrap wool and mens ties; all are lined in a soft flannel. The one scarf that looks like a quilt is actually made from a recycled old quilt top and is my FAVORITE, it's for sale in the etsy shop-I think I have 2 different ones left.

Grand Revival Ava Bag

my first handmade purse. This is from the Grand Revival Ava Bag pattern and is reversible. I did use a lightweight interface for this bag but if I were to make it again, I would probably use a heavier weight interface or canvas so that this bag would hold its shape well.
Not bad for my first try and not bad considering the directions for this one were a bit complicated when it came to making the handles for the bag.

Purses I made-Swing bag

I made some purses out of 2 different patterns, one was using the Amy Butler swing bag pattern. All of these bags are reversible and on the swing bags I added pockets to all of them. My favorite is the darker bag-that one is made out of a heavier cotton canvas material, but I like them all. The stripes and polka dot bag is for my mother in law, I hope she likes it. And no, the pocket is not crooked, it just looks like it in the picture.

Notes: I really like the size of this bag and how sturdy the handles are. Adding the pocket to the bag makes it better.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What to do with old sheets

I am drawn to these older floral sheets I am finding at yard and estate sales and am inheriting from my mother in law. Some sheets I find have stains on them but the rest of the fabric is fine. I am debating on how to use these without turning them into rags.
Right now I'm thinking of using one of the king flat sheets I found as a quilt back and cutting up the sheets with stains and using those to make a quilt top out of.  It seems like it would be a really comfortable quilt if it were all made out of sheets, I'm just not sure yet (especially since it takes so long to make a quilt). I am going to have to keep brainstorming, however, I do know I would like some pillowcases made out of some, just in case I make the quilt.
Hmm, I bet a skirt, pajama pants, or an apron would be good too.

What to do with old sheets.
1. Make a pillowcase
2. Use flat sheet as quilt backing.
3. Make a duvet cover (if you have 2 flat sheets)
4. Make an apron
5. Make a skirt
6. Make pajama pants (probably really nice for the summertime)
7. Make a quilt top??
8. Yoga mat bag
9. Curtains
10. Laundry bag

Friday, March 20, 2009

Yoga Mat Bags

I bought a yoga mat to use at home because I was tired of my feet slipping around on the floor, plus, if I go to a yoga class somewhere, at least I know mine is clean. Anyway, I thought I should make a bag instead of buying an expensive one. I found some fabric I must have purchased some time ago on a discount and decided on that, thankfully I also had some leftover matching string to use for the drawstring-so I didn't have to buy a thing.
This bag was so easy to make, no instructions needed, no pattern, just figure it out-i love that.
It was so fun to make the one that I made another for a friend who has recently started going to yoga classes and has a mat but not a bag. I highly recommend this project as a gift or for yourself. I think the total time between measuring, cutting, sewing, and putting the mat in the bag was about 30 minutes.

For my mat I needed about a little over a yard to make this.  

1. Roll up the mat and place on fabric (the length of the fabric).
2. Wrap the fabric around the mat leaving a couple of inches extra and use that as your cut point for the circumference.
3. To cut the length, just cut a couple of inches beyond the bottom of the mat and a couple of inches above the mat.
4. Cut the strap to about 34 inches long and 7 inches wide.
5. Cut the bottom of the bag by placing the mat standing up and cutting a circle around the bottom leaving about an inch beyond where the mat is.
6. Take the strap and press a 1/4" seam on all edges. Fold the strap in half and press. Sew the strap on the open side with the wrong sides together, sewing all the way around the entire strap using a 1/4" seam (this gives it a nice finished look).
7. Take the fabric for the tube of the bag and with the right sides together, 1/4" seam where you want the top to be. Then, press a 1/2" seam over that 1/4" seam.  Sew the edge of the seam.
8. With the right sides of the tube together, sew down the length of the tube, but don't sew the edge that you have pressed (otherwise you won't be able to get the drawstring through).
9.  Sew the bottom of the bag to the bottom of the tube by keeping tube wrong side out and placing the round bottom over the bottom of the bag. Sew the round bottom to the bottom of the bag without sewing the bag together.
10. Sew the strap to the bag by placing one end at the bottom seam of the bag and sewing. I used a zig zag stitch and sewed a small square to make the strap extra secure.  Then take the other side of the strap and place it at the bottom of your top seam and sew a small square.
11.  Finally, take whatever you are using for a drawstring and attach a safety pin to it and weave it through the casing you made for the drawstring then tie the drawstring together and there you go, you have your yoga mat bag.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

another onesie redecorated

this one is a size 6-9 month long sleeved onesie.  i just cut out some cute puppy fabric for this one. i think it's cute.


I have been wanting to make aprons for some time now, especially after reading this wonderful Apron Book.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I didn't want to use a pattern because it seems fussy.  So the other night, I thought of using one of my old hand me down dresses to make an apron.  It worked great because the bottom of the dress already had a border and was hemmed. The only real work I had to do was decide the length of the apron, separate the hem, make some seams at the sides and the top, cut off the straps and make hems for those, then sew away. 
I was so happy with the result of that apron and really like the length that when I saw a yard sale pillowcase I had picked up I decided to make an apron out of that too.  It turns out that a standard size pillowcase is the perfect size for making an apron, just cut down one side of the seam and open up the pillowcase. Then it is the same process as if I were using the bottom of the old dress. I like them, and especially like how they each took about 20 minutes to make (at the most).
I guess I could have ironed them before the picture...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Estate Sale Bag

I went estate saling today, kind of.  I planned on going to 4 but couldn't map the address to one, something happened with the other, and anyway, the last one I went to I ended up buying a couch and a bag that I just love.  This bag is made of a tweed material.

Around a month ago I was at another estate sale and saw this bag sitting on the floor and instantly had to have it. It wasn't like anything I already have, it's a large vintage green tiara samsonite that seems to be a carry on bag; the bag is lined in a satin light green with flowers on it.
So, it seems I am now estate saling for bags and not just sewing notions, materials, and linens.

Friday, March 13, 2009

new stuff part 3

Here are 2 bubbles. The first bubble, in blue and white gingham check is a size 3 mo. and is not designed to be reversible.
The second bubble with the trains on it is a size 6 mo. and is reversible. The reversible size features a plain baby blue fabric.  
All of the bubbles are made with snaps in the crotch and elastic in the legs. I tend to put just a little bit of extra elastic in the legs so that they will fit comfortably.

When I get someone to model all the purses I have made, I will post those on here too.

more new stuff part 2

Here is yet another t-shirt onesie, this time made out of one of my own t-shirts that I stopped wearing but was in fantastic shape.  This shirt came from my first (and only) X games that was in San Diego sometime in the 90's where I saw Tony Hawk skate. I am glad to have been able to repurpose this.

more sewing

So here is more stuff I've been making while I have not much to do. The pictures aren't great, I think something is wrong with the camera. I think I will post each of these in a separate post so that it's easier to view.  
This dress is a size 3T and is reversible, so, 2 dresses in one.  One side features the disney princesses fabric and the other side features a matching lavender light print with two pockets featuring 2 different princesses. I bet some little girl would love this.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Update on the t-shirt onesie

So I made several versions of this t-shirt onesie out of old t-shirts I had. After 2 attempts I finally got the directions right (I am spatially impaired) and made the 3rd onesie correctly.  I just used a shirt I found at GoodWill for $1 (good place to go for practice t-shirts till you get the hang of it.

Now, time to make a few more of these to make sure I have the hang of it.
What a great way to use those t-shirts you don't want to get rid of.

Decorate your onesies

I found a tutorial on howaboutorange for making plain onesies a little bit cuter.  I wish I could take a better picture of these but the light isn't good right now, maybe I will replace the picture later, but, you get the point.  The only deviation I made from the tutorial is that I used stitch witchery instead of the ultra heat n bond, just because that is what I have.  
I made the Auburn football onesies for a friend having a baby this summer who are big Auburn fans.  The other two onesies I made for a friend in Iowa who just had a baby (who I'm not sure what she would want but I wanted to get her something no one else would) and the Texas onesie for a friend in Texas ha! How is that for specialized gifts. I love it!