Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday ornament wreath DIY

I've always wanted one of these and thought I'd try my hand at it. Had a few random ornaments and filled in the rest from the dollar store. Some hot glue and a bit of patience....and voila!

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Fabric wreath

I'm a bit late to the game on fabric wreaths and I usually don't make wreaths to begin with, but I saw this and thought "what a great way to use up my scrap fabric."

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Now on Facebook

mynewtherapy is now on Facebook

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aging photos

I found this old photo of a family member and really liked the look but wished the focus was more on her. Since I have wanted to try some new techniques and try my hand at aging with distressing ink, thought I'd work with this.
I think it came out well and really like that the focus is clearly on her now.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabric and other items that hold odor

I have a habit of rescuing various sewing type items from yard and estate sales-like unfinished quilts, fabric, lace, and binding. Sometimes when going through stuff in a house/basement/garage, it's hard to tell if there is any odor on the item, other times it's clear but the item is something that is really wanted or for some reason (eg, value) you just cant leave it. Recently I came across a large bag of lace and binding-and aside from it costing more than $1 to buy all of it at the store, I just can't seem to live with the fact that it's just going to be thrown away.
Turned out it was all full of a musty (stored in a basement for a long time and maybe smoked around) odor.
I decided to try to get rid of the odors, I rinsed all of the items (separating out anything that might bleed color), then soaked them in a bucket of warm water and Tide Boost (that's just what I had) for a bit (maybe an hour). Rinsed them all out again and they seemed fine smell wise but for good measure I repeated the soak and rinse then hung them all out to dry, and what do you know, they are all odor free now, yay!
I even tried this with some wool fabric I found that was really heavy in musty odor, that I soaked and rinsed 3 times and now there's not a hint of odor.
I thought the lace/binding was so pretty hanging out to dry I had to take a pic, albeit not at all close to how nice it looked.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jewelry Holder

I have seen all of these cool jewelry holders, made from picture frames or repurposed items, online.
Recently I have found that I'd like to have some kind of jewelry holder in my bathroom-where I normally take jewelry off and put jewelry on-however my bathroom is small, there is nowhere to place a stand and my wall spaces are limited-by size and a availability. I didn't want to spend more than a few dollars at the most so...this is the result.
I found 2 of these things (not sure what they are) at a yard sale, the "frame" is wood and there is a rope on the back for hanging I guess, but it doesn't hang flat so it needed a frame hook thingy on the back. Now, how to get my jewelry to hang without having to buy any hooks...I found a random drawer pull and got some buttons from my stash (the kind with the "hook" on the back, not the flat ones) and glued them on with hot glue (or heavy duty glue-which is better), let it set 24 hours and to my surprise, it worked!
Invested $=$5 for the 2 "frames", $0 for random objects around the house, $0 for glue I already had.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy New Year!-Rabbit

Here it is, Happy New Year to all! I embossed the rabbits and attached it to the paper. Simple but sweet I think.