Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jewelry Holder

I have seen all of these cool jewelry holders, made from picture frames or repurposed items, online.
Recently I have found that I'd like to have some kind of jewelry holder in my bathroom-where I normally take jewelry off and put jewelry on-however my bathroom is small, there is nowhere to place a stand and my wall spaces are limited-by size and a availability. I didn't want to spend more than a few dollars at the most so...this is the result.
I found 2 of these things (not sure what they are) at a yard sale, the "frame" is wood and there is a rope on the back for hanging I guess, but it doesn't hang flat so it needed a frame hook thingy on the back. Now, how to get my jewelry to hang without having to buy any hooks...I found a random drawer pull and got some buttons from my stash (the kind with the "hook" on the back, not the flat ones) and glued them on with hot glue (or heavy duty glue-which is better), let it set 24 hours and to my surprise, it worked!
Invested $=$5 for the 2 "frames", $0 for random objects around the house, $0 for glue I already had.

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