Saturday, January 24, 2009

New goals for 2009

I don't make new year resolutions, cant recall ever doing so, maybe this is though.

a couple years ago i decided i would sit down and make a list of things i wanted to do in the next year (sounds like a resolution). i would cross these off as i achieved each. i guess i'll make public a few things i can think of now that i want to do in 2009 and just add as the year goes on.

1. Learn to make basic childrens clothes (lucy dress)      DONE
2. Learn to use pleater and make bishop dresses
3. start playing tennis again                                                 DOING
4. enjoy life                                                                              DOING
5. compliment people more often (totally subjective goal but working so far)
6. Read a Beethoven biography                                            IN PROGRESS
7. Finish MLK's autobiography                                             IN PROGRESS
8. Finish the Ethics for the New Millenium book               IN PROGRESS
9. Create craft space that is organized                                

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