Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strawberry picking and making strawberry jam

After reading about inchmarks Friday night strawberry jam making session, I decided I needed to give making jam a shot.  
We went to the strawberry patch and picked some deliciously sweet fresh strawberries, this place just has the best strawberries ever.  
Came home, made the jam the next day (minus the pectin).  It was so much fun
 making jam that I decided to try a bit of inchmarks comments to add some blueberries to the jam mix.  
Found some fresh blueberries, used the remainder of the strawberries I had, and made some "heavenly hash."  This time I used the pectin. :)-
I think in total we have about 8 jars of 
each, plus some for eating right away. Now, what to do with all that jam I made in a family of infrequent jam eaters?

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