Sunday, March 14, 2010

Im finally getting Cback into realizing it is 2010

It took a long time this year for me to shake up to the fact that it is 2010 and along with that comes my 2010 goals, both craft and life goals. I'm going to throw a few up here I can think of off the top of my head but will add more later, I'm sure.

2010 goals
1. Really, finish that MLK book.
2. Try to only read one book at a time, and finish that book.
3. Create the craft room you want with what you have, plus, a $100 budget (for painting).
4. Send more handmade cards to people just to say hello. (I think I sent 2 last year so, I'll try to do more than 2 random cards this year).
5. Submit that manuscript.****and maybe work on the other 2???****challenge yourself Julie.
6. Volunteer
7. One random act of kindness per month.
8. More embroidery, sewing, scrapping stuff this year on the blog

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