Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have been wanting to make aprons for some time now, especially after reading this wonderful Apron Book.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I didn't want to use a pattern because it seems fussy.  So the other night, I thought of using one of my old hand me down dresses to make an apron.  It worked great because the bottom of the dress already had a border and was hemmed. The only real work I had to do was decide the length of the apron, separate the hem, make some seams at the sides and the top, cut off the straps and make hems for those, then sew away. 
I was so happy with the result of that apron and really like the length that when I saw a yard sale pillowcase I had picked up I decided to make an apron out of that too.  It turns out that a standard size pillowcase is the perfect size for making an apron, just cut down one side of the seam and open up the pillowcase. Then it is the same process as if I were using the bottom of the old dress. I like them, and especially like how they each took about 20 minutes to make (at the most).
I guess I could have ironed them before the picture...

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