Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Dolls

I love this little Japanese paper doll that I made. I had used some instructions from another blog, but found that they weren't the size I wanted, and that I wanted to change some things, so....I made my own template and came up with this. I used my scrap scrapbook paper, glue, cardstock, and scissors, that's it! These are so fun and I just know that kids could make them too. This one came out to about 6 in. long and 4 in. wide, but just cut the bottom some and make the "hair" not so ridiculously tall, and it will fit right on the front of a card.

I think it would be great to use on the front of a card. Any other ideas for use?
PS-If anyone would like the template/instructions I made, just let me know and I'll write it up and post.

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