Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quilted Valentine Hearts

I can be a lazy sewer sometimes, especially when it comes to sewing for card making. I had made some quilted hearts last year but decided it was too time consuming to make them so that there is a clean side seam and doing the turning it inside out, hand sewing closed, etc. Welcome my new "lazy sewer" method.

Using scrap fabric, scrap lace and binding, and batting, I made these delicious quilted hearts and plan to use them on cards etc. My favorite part about these, they are completely reversible-meaning that if I like one side better than the other, I just use that side, yay!

How to make: (1) sew fabric scraps on one side of batting, then sew scraps on the other side of the batting (2) any pieces that on the fabric that need covering can be covered by placing scrap lace, batting, or whatever overthe part that needs to be covered and sewing it down. (3) Ready to cut out the hearts, any size and shape you like-can use a cookie cutter or free hand, whatever. (4) once all the hearts are cut out, zig zag stitch around the heart and you are done!

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