Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chelsea Handler is inspiring

well, i think it's been awhile since i posted. one is because i have been busy being miserable with myself, writing, and generally being miserable with myself.
anyhow, i got a book in my last order that i ordered because it was on my list of "recommended" items. i read a few pages, put it down, read a few pages, put it down. then i read a few pages a day or so ago and read the rest of the book.
i have to say that the book was just what i needed to lift my spirits. i dont watch a lot of television but understand that chelsea handler has a television show and that shes really funny-but i havent seen it. but based on reading my horizontal life, i must get her other book that's out.
i tell you, the book made me laugh, a lot. but on a side note-i think she has inspired me to have a better time in life. i think im in the same state that she finds herself in during most of the book-you should read the book, it's hilarious.

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