Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby Bingo

I know I am really behind on posts, so I'll start where I left off when I was preparing for a baby shower. I wanted to do baby bingo to keep guests occupied while the mother to be was opening presents. Those guests that got "bingo" would win a prize. I filled in the bingo cards with items from her registry but tried to keep it generic to things that one would find on any registry.

I wasn't willing to pay a chunk of money for this since I could easily do it myself and am offering this up to anyone else who may want to use this, for free. I made 20 different cards so it should be enough for most showers, just print and use.

I printed mine out on different colored card stock (I believe 4 per page) and then I cut the bingo cards apart with scalloped scissors to make it look nice.

hmmm, i cant quite figure out how to put a link to this yet, in the meantime, just email me if you want the baby bingo.

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