Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to make a diaper cake

Part 2 of the Baby Shower:

I wanted to make a diaper cake as a centerpiece, searched and searched, came up with a simple way, with pictures.

Ingredients: Baby bottles, diapers, a few rubber bands, and any trim or decoration you want.

Step 1: Start on some kind of flat surface that you can pick up and carry. The amount of diapers you need depends on the size of the diapers, and the size of the cake you want to make. For the one I made, I used size one diapers and used one large package and a few extra but could have made it with just the one package.

Step 2: You need something to put the diapers around, best thing, a baby bottle.

Step 3: Roll the diapers. Many instructions out there say to place a rubber band around each one, this was completely uncessary. I rolled diapers, you can see about 7 on the first row around the bottle, I placed a rubber band around the outside of those, you just put the rubber band on and squeeze in the diapers into the rubber band. For the second layer, just do the same thing, place a rubber band around your first layer and then squeeze in the rolled diapers into the rubber band. Now your bottom level is ready.

Step 4: Just do the same thing around the top of the bottle. You just use less diapers around this time, so that it looks like cake layers.

If you want more layers, just add another bottle and repeat the steps like you did before.

Now time to decorate however you want. I used an animal theme for the party so I found animal themed ribbon, wrapped it around where the rubber band was showing, and taped it so it would stay. Then I found some animal wood cut outs at Michaels and stuck them in along the ribbon. I also added some blue ribbon with a bow in front to make it a little cuter. The best thing about these is that you can design it however you want, it is relatively inexpensive to make, the mother can use all of the diapers and the bottles, and you have a centerpiece.

By the way, I have never made one before and it only took more maybe an hour at the most. Go for it.

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