Friday, September 5, 2008

Clean and Clear Blotting Sheets-Love them!

Ok, I just remembered how absolutely fantastic these blotting sheets are and feel the need to tell anyone that doesn't already know about these that they need to try them.
I have tried a bunch of different blotting sheets because I have really oily skin. I've used the ones with powder, the ones without, the ones from Japan, cheap ones, expensive ones. And I have found, by far, that these Clean and Clear ones are my absolute favorite. I think it's mostly because of the texture of the sheets. They aren't like all of the other blotting papers where they are like sheets of thin paper. They are more like a very thin latex type sheet and really, they don't smear your make up (if you wear any) and they do a fabulous job at effectively absorbing the oil.
No, I am in no way affiliated with the company that makes these but I wanted everyone to know about it. I hope to post some more random products that I love and want to share with everyone.

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