Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today really has had its ups and downs

Part 1
It's been a long few days and I am feeling tired-much more tired than normal. The day started out with me in a rush but then calmed down (or calmed rather). I had noticed the sun shining down so brightly, the light was so pretty. Then I saw this tree, so perfectly placed and sitting there as if it was born to be there in that spot and that spot was made just for that tree. And I saw the light shining down on it as if something magical was happening. I paused and looked at the tree, with the sun shining down, and kind of smiled inside. I spent a few moments looking at the tree and walked away. But I kept coming back to the tree, maybe 3 or 4 times, because I really was mesmerized by it (and no I had not had any drugs or mind altering substances). So I took a picture of it, to kind of try to capture the moment. From a semi-objective perspective, it's not a good picture. But from my perspective, it brings me back to being mesmerized by its power.

oops, I was again so mesmerized by that picture that I forgot to finish writing.

So-on goes the day and as I was leaving that area, where I saw the tree, for that day, I couldn't help but being drawn to another image. An image that was in such stark contrast, psychologically, to that of the tree. This flower growing and blooming out of a fence-the fence having split the flowers and its growth. How to look at this situation? Are the flowers having to fight against the strong fence? Is it that it has joined with the fence and is now part of the fence? Was this just poor landscaping? Or something else?

My ultimate favorite song to listen to for some about 8 months now has been
Beethoven's Piano Sonata #14
I can listen to it repeatedly

I have listened to Fur Elise for my entire adult life whenever things haven't been going well and I listen to it repeatedly

I just played it and it reminded me that this song helps
and yet
I can't help
but be drawn to listening to Sonata #14

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