Thursday, September 18, 2008

Murad-Skin Perfecting Lotion

Ok, I think I am loving this stuff. I know I wasn't going to post today but wanted to do this before I forgot. I have oily skin, definitely prone to break outs when stressed. I have used so many different moisturizers, clinique, prescriptives, clarins, olay, ponds, ddf, md pericone, christian dior, and who knows what else. but i got a free sample of this at sephora around christmas and it was just enough to give me a try of it.
i went back a couple of weeks ago and got enough of a sample to last a few weeks so i could really give it a try. its been a few weeks now and I love it! it is totally lightweight, not drying at all, moisturizing, but somehow keeps my skin from not being so oily. plus, i think its got all that good skin care aging stuff in it, retinol and aha/bha complex (whatever that is). but i do know about the retinol. so if you have skin like mine and continue to spend years and years looking for a decent moisturizer-here you go-try it out and get a sample.
disclaimer: i dont work for sephora or murad or anyone else to where i might benefit promoting this product.
Sephora-Murad Skin perfecting Lotion

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