Friday, September 5, 2008

Craft project-Shoe Bags

Growing up as I did, we always used cloth bags to place our shoes and underwear (separate bags of course) in when we packed up to go somewhere. I have since wondered why others don't do this, I mean, who wants the bottoms of their shoes that have touched who knows what, touching the inner contents of their bag? Certainly not me. Fortunately, I found this lovely tutorial for making a shoe bag on Martha Stewart's site. This project is certainly for beginners but is a useful thing for all. I didn't sew the inner part where it keeps the shoes apart cause I'm lazy and don't really care if my shoes bang up against each other. Also-I didn't use velvet, I just used whatever material I liked and instead of a satin drawstring cord, I just used cute ribbon. Hope you enjoy!

target="_blank">Click here for instructions.

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